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Quinn Evenson


Name is Quinn! Born and raised up north in Fairbanks, Alaska. Moved out of my hometown to California to fight wildfire. Currently employed by the Tahoe Hotshots based out of Camptonville, California, and I spend my summers touring the West with the crew fighting wildfires. One perk of the job is I have six months off during the winter to pack with travel. Skis and bikes are my favorite things to play with my free time. My work, people I meet through my hobbies, and my relationship with GoWesty gives me a unique opportunity to talk about what I see happening in the world as far as climate crisis goes. I spend the vast majority of my time outside, and I've seen first hand the effects of climate change on our world. My goal is to reach as many people as possible, and start some important conversations about what we can all do to help.



1985 Vanagon. Not the Westy version so my whole interior build out was done myself. 2 inch lift, roof box, and a custom front spare tire rack that I made myself.

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