Searching for Sero


Searching for Sero is a mental wellness project created by professional photographer, John Rathwell and writer, Tracy Guenard. Sero being short for serotonin - the chemical believed to contribute to the feeling of happiness. The photo project shares the stories of people who are passionate about outdoor adventure as the key to happiness, well-being and balance in their lives. We call them Sero Stories!


Sero Van

Our 1991 full camper was purchased in 2015 and spent its first year of life in the shop. She really needed some love. Once compete in 2016, we hit the road and traveled across Canada and the US meeting amazing folks and writing Sero Stories out of her. Some of our favourite upgrades have been the GoWesty 2700cc engine with EFI, The GoWesty lifting kit and of course the GoWesty bumpers with swing arms to carry our bikes.

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