Kit Whistler + J.R. Switchgrass


Get on the bus with Kit and J.R. in their lovable bus Sunshine. This artistic duo is constantly fighting for the right to be lazy, searching for the meaning of freedom, and infecting the world with joy and optimism. Kit's writing combined with J.R.s photos will take you on an overland journey through the wild places of North America and into the High Altitudes of the Mind.


Sunshine Love Bus

Sunshine's goal in life is to travel every dirt backroad in America and we are just along for the ride. Having driven through sun baked deserts, white out snow storms, and rain that last for days Sunshine got a bit beat up. So in 2018 Kit and J.R. took a moment to give her the spa treatment of her life. With generous help from Go Westy she is young again and plans to live forever on the backroads of America.

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