Pop Up Adventures


Whether we are van tripping, skateboarding, snowboarding or tiny homesteading, every day is an adventure and we make videos about it all. After living in our '82 Vanagon Buttercup for a year on the road to USA and Mexico, we bought 2.2 acres of land in Invermere, B.C. Canada. Currently we are wintering in a trailer, chilling with our animals, working with children and youth, shredding local mountains, building stuff out of salvaged materials and scheming our next road trip with Buttercup.



Buttercup is a 1982 aircooled Vanagon who was rescued from a life of boredom in 2015 (we were told she had been on one road trip in 8 years!). Since then we have taken her down the west coast of the USA to Baja (where she kept up with a bunch of syncros) and all around western Canada. Buttercup dreams of driving across country and sailing to Hawaii; however, lately she has been sputtering a lot of hot oil. We have been keeping her spirits up with local Pop Up Adventures to the lake, skate parks and ski hills and by hosting van campouts at our land (come to Canada and camp on our land!), while scheming and saving to get her feeling 99% again.

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