Top 10 Applications for the GoWesty Sol-Charger Kit

This list was compiled with the help of one of our customers, Bill P.

1. Power your Engel Fridge/Freezer.
 There's nothing quite so tasty as an ice-cold beverage... off-the-grid.

2. Power 2-way Ham, HF and VHF radios.
Make new friends... and be able to call emergency services if those new friends get hurt.

3. Power an electric keyboard.
Campfire sing-alongs will never be the same.

4. Power a laptop computer.
For weekend-long studying in the boonies.

5. Power a small DC fan for air circulation and cooling.
Say goodbye to those stuffy nights.

6. Power interior lights.
Candles aren't terribly safe or efficient for cooking, relaxing and/or reading.

7. Power radio/TV/DVD entertainment.
Sometimes you just want to chill out.

8. Charge dead batteries.
Why pay for shore power when you've got free sunlight?

9. Home emergency power for 12 volt devices.
You're at home and the power goes out... no worries!

10. Make popsicles in the summer.
Sure, we already mentioned the Engel fridge/freezer. But popsicles for summertime camping are so awesome, we had to mention the Engel twice.