Top 10 Mechanical Upgrades For Vanagon

1. High Performance GoWesty Engines
We have built our industry leading reputation on our waterboxer engine program. Our goal is simple. Improve power while simultaneously improving reliability.

2. Tire & Wheel Packages
Upgrading your wheels and tires is the single most drastic improvement you can make.

3. Bilstein Shock Absorbers
Bilstein's are THE BEST SHOCKS IN THE WORLD. Period.

4. H&R Coil Springs
Guaranteed never to sag or change.

5. Big Brakes
You're driving a 5000 pound vehicle. Need we say more?
6. High Powered Headlights
Want to actually see the road while you're driving at night? Double your wattage with our kits.

7. Positraction Differential
A simple and effective way to greatly increase your traction on and off-road.

8. Stainless Steel Brake Hose
 Replace those 20+-year-old, mushy, worn out rubber hoses with our premium braided stainless steel brake lines. Made in the USA! 

9. Stainless Steel Coolant Pipe Set
The end all solution for your aging and brittle white plastic pipes that are now obsolete from VW.

10. Rebuilt Fuel Injectors
Inject some life back into your waterboxer with a set of our premium rebuilt injectors.