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Alloy Wheel and Tire Package

The following text is a compilation of e-mails we receive from customers who have purchased our alloy wheel & tire package. Some of them have offered to post their e-mail addresses so other Westy owners can contact them directly. Look for these e-mail links at the end of a given testimonial. If you have some of our alloys on your Westy, please drop us a line and tell us how the ride is!

...received via e-mail March 09

Just wanted today thanks to you guys for making things sooooo easy. I just got my 99 Eurovan back from the local VW shop with your lift kit. Sweet! I wish I did it sooner. It's more stable handling now. The ground clearance is great!

Peter from Lethbridge, Alberta

...received via e-mail March 09

Hi team,

We are so happy with our new 16” alloys that I had to write to say thanks.

After procrastinating over the decision to buy the alloys, given that we are on the other side of the planet here in New Zealand – we now laugh about that. The cost of shipping, while more than the wheels themselves, was absolutely worth it.

Not only do the GoWesty alloys change the whole appearance of our van – wow they look gooood – the improvement in handling and stability is unreal. Before, with the standard 14” rims we would nurse our van around corners but now the van sticks solid to the road with a huge reduction in body roll. We can now drive through the bends with power and feel like we own the corners. Previously the road and wind owned us.

Love the centre caps too. They were a real surprise and they just set the alloys off.

We are most likely the only owners of such a set of mags in New Zealand – worth every cent to get them here.

Awesome guys – thanks.

Brent and Tracey
1991 Westy owners
Mt Maunganui, NZ

...received via e-mail December 08

Just a note as I thought that GoWesty should hear from another satisfied customer. I put on the 16 inch rims along with the Bilstein shocks that I got from you and they make a WOLRD of difference over the stock 14 inch that I had on there. The ride is so much smoother and the sway in turns is much lower. Van feels muc more safe to drive. Just wanted to pass on a thank you.

Craig Lombardi

...received via e-mail September 08

Good Morning!

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy my EVC is with its new lift and level kit. Not only does it handle MUCH better, provide us with MUCH more clearance and hence, accessibility to more places, it just makes the van look like it should, cool and stout.

Thanks for putting the whole package together. I had everything shipped to my mechanic and he was impressed with the components you chose and the instructions.

Another happy van is on the road,


...received via e-mail January 08


Thanks for creating a wonderful lift spring... couldn't of been able to do it without you. Tell everyone at Gowesty that they have been Baja tested on my 87 Syncro "Optimus Prime" and have passed with flying colors. Keep up the good work...

Aaron Zar

...received via e-mail October 07

Thanks for getting the shocks/springs/wheels/tires to me so quick… ditto all the extra items.

I knew it would improve, but the Go West springs w/ the Emus and 16” steel sure made for smooth riding and fun side-side road excursions with confidence, I can’t imagine going without this setup.

Craig Cooper

...received via e-mail July 07


Received the credit invoice for the core refund. Thanks. 

Just wanted to let you guys know that I finished the initial break-in procedures for the new engine and everything went well.  Decided to take her out on a road trip to celebrate and headed for the Beartooth Pass in Montana/Wyoming, one of the most scenic highways in America with lots of high altitude roads.  The transformation was incredible! 
Instead of creeping up the hills with a line of cars behind me, which was the case with the old engine, I was passing other cars on the way up!  And everywhere I used to have to donwnshift, now I can just leave it in 4th and as long as I'm in the torque band, she just pulls on up. 

Absolutely amazing!  It has completely transformed the driving experience and eliminated my only remaining complaint about the vehicle.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering such a wonderful upgrade to a wonderful vehicle.  I've also installed your 16"
wheels which make a substantial improvement in the handling along with your Euro headlight set-up which makes night driving a pleasure again instead of the white-knuckled experience it used to be with the woefully inadequate rectangular headlights.  I also installed a set of electric sideview mirrors purchased from you and I must say they worked out better than I expected.

Not only do they stay aimed precisely where you set them, unlike the old mirrors which were constantly changing on their own, but they have transformed the driving experience with the window rolled down.  Instead of being buffeted to death, with the new mirrors the wind is barely noticeable.

You have one very satisfied customer.  I'm telling everyone I meet about your company and your products!  Nice job!

Bruce Jodar-

...received via e-mail May-07

Dear Chris,

You may not remember me.  I am the woman from Mendocino Country who drove her newly purchased 90 Westy onto you lot in September 2005, on the way to The Gulf Coast.  You guys fixed my cruise control in a few minutes and suggested I put on wider wheels and tires for a better ride and stability.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to put that money into I vehicle I only planned to own for a few month trip. You mentioned that you GoWesty might buy it from me as it was in such good shape, and I already had a sense that it would not be hard to re-sell.  I took you advice and it was 100% right on.   I called a few times to troubleshoot and order parts (as per your advice) from Louisiana and once in transit back home.  Your advice never let me down.  It is now almost 2 years since I bought the Westy, and although I hardly ever use it (and have far too many vehicles for a single non mechanical woman), I can hardly stand to think about it leaving my life permanently.  Am I suffering from a known Westy disorder?  Is it common?  Is there a treatment?

I hope I have been sufficiently appreciative of the great service you and Nate have given me when I have called or stopped by.  I wanted to put this is writing as a testimonial to the great support of the GoWesty family.  I refer to you as “Mecca” when I speak of GoWesty to friends, and tell everyone what great guys you are.  Anyone considering buying a Van from you should be assured of your honesty, willingness to help, and most importantly, your amazing knowledge of all things VW Van.  You are truly the experts who keep us and our vans “on the road and laughing” (a line from an old John Sebastian song).  It is refreshing and hopeful that there are still businesses (yours and mine, at least) in this country, that care about forging honest relationships, providing an excellent service (and sales on your part), and are so decidedly non-corporate.

I have had inquiries from a number of people interested in buying my Van.  It sits in my driveway most of the time, as I use my ’93 Accord for everyday use, but I don’t seem to be able to part with it.  Something transformative happens to me every time I drive it.  It takes me back to a time of youthful dreams, it is part of my story of New Orleans, it, more truly than Verizon, comes with a network.  So although back in September 2005 I thought I would no longer own it by the end of that year, I just re-registered it. 

So, once again, Thank you, thank you, thank you for who you are and how you have helped me……..You are still invited to have you annual GoWesty camp-out at my place in Mendo-nesia.

Sharon Lieser and Misty, the stick dog

...received via e-mail April-07

Dear Lucas,

I thought I would give some feedback from the icy North about Vanagon wheels and tires. I fitted 16 inch wheels from GoWesty at the beginning of this winter, and fitted them with 215/60 16 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 winter tires, and drove the camper through the winter in snow and ice conditions.

The tires are 98 rated – actually higher than the “standard” 14 inch re-inforced tires. The grip was amazing – the Westy is un-drivable on standard M&S 14’s but easily managed on these modern winter tires.

So for anyone who still needs a reason to change to the “proper” wheels, and drives in snow and ice in the winters, this is the way to go.



...received via e-mail March-07


Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with the Bilstein, 16" wheel and Hydroedge installation on my '89 Westy.  As you probably remember, we had them installed on a very stormy and windy Friday morning ... winds gusting to 40mph!  It was white-knuckle driving to GoWesty - between the trucks and the gusts, it was very difficult driving. After the GoWesty install, I can honestly tell you that the difference was simply amazing.  I think we felt perhaps one gust and perhaps one truck passing.  Otherwise it was smooth sailing all the way back home.  The tires did great - absolutely no road/tread noise whatsoever.  Thanks so much!

Also, I want to tell you that your service/parts man, Taylor, has been a great help.  He showed me how to do my own window scrapper and seal install. Plus when I ordered parts over the phone, he was very helpful in giving some tips and insight for some of my resotration projects.  I should also tell you that Chris was a super help back when I visited your store during the shock/wheel/tire install.

Thanks again,



...received via e-mail April-05


I am very satisfied with the work your shop performed on my 87 westy. I have to admit that the rim/tire/bilstein combination really transforms the whole driving experience. The van feels more stable and agile than I ever could have imagined.

Repair work on van: $7600.00. Peace of mind: Priceless.


...received via e-mail March-05

Hello there, just wanted to let you know I received my 15" wheels and tires on Thursday, loaded up my Vanagon on Friday and drove 1600 miles to pick up my daughters miniature horse! The Vanagon has never run better, quieter, less prone to side winds and semi trucks. All in all a great improvement! I don't know how but it's actually faster now!!!!

Thanks, M. Olson

...received via e-mail Aug-04

Hi Taylor,

Cynthia and I had a great trip back to the Bay Area, due in large part to our new wheels. Getting all 4 was an excellent choice, thanks for steering us this way. We noticed the improvement immediately. While the road noise was noticeably reduced, I think the biggest effect is the significant reduction in the mushy front-end. The bus turns much more assertively, does not lean as much during turns, and no longer heaves backwards on acceleration. Thanks for everything. Please feel free to steer any future sceptics my way.

The enthusiasm and professional approach of the place is impressive, and all those buses and vans to eye over... We hope we can insert a pit stop into our future plans.

Best, Glenn

Glenn has offered to act a reference for GoWesty and can be contacted at:

...received via e-mail March-04


I got the 16 inch rims and mounted my tires, I havent installed my Bilsteins yet but.. Oh my god... what a difference over the stock tires. I had to run the van up to Staten Island, NY in the snow slush rain high winds and tons of tractor trailers running 75 MPH. I have to tell you when I did that run before I had white knuckles when I got back. This time is was a breeze. What a total difference in the way the westy handled. I'm putting the shocks on tomorrow and I'll let you know what that does to the handling. If you have any doubters just have them contact me, I cure them for you,

Thanks, Bob

Bob has offered to act a reference for GoWesty and can be contacted at:

...received via e-mail March-04


I realized that I had not sent you a note to tell you how wonderful the new 15" wheels and tires and Bilsteins are. Sorry for the oversight.

I could tell a difference even on my drive home to Sacramento. The van cruised over bumps with ease, not too stiff not too soft. The handling is greatly improved too, with much less lean in curves. And the van is rock steady in gusty conditions such as those I encounter crossing the causeway each day to work. On top of that, the wheels and the tires LOOK GREAT!

I really appreciated the all work your shop did on my van. I will definitely be back!

Cheers, Lori

...received via e-mail March-04

Boy, I love the way the van handles now with the 16 inch wheels! Doesn't feel like the same vehicle. The added power is also a great feeling. Accelerating onto the So. Cal. race tracks is much easier. The lighting, as you well know, is a vast improvement also. The headlights really reach out there for a change. You provide some very good products, all of them improving upon the Westfalia design. Kinda' like driving a new van!

Dennis Wills, Tustin CA

...received via e-mail March-04

It's the Canadians!!

Back in January we had wheels, tires and a transmission cooler installed by your shop. We finally got out of vacation mode so I thought I'd let you know the tires and wheels are great!! I was a real pleasure driving the Westy back from CA to Salt Spring Island BC. In fact we took a number of detours off of I5 so we could go on twisty secondary roads.. Anyway we are really pleased with package.

Robert & Judith B.

...received via e-mail February 04

Hello Lucas,

We brought our westy in a few weeks ago and had new shocks, wheels and tires put on, as well as some other maintenance. After driving it around I must say it handles much better. The wheels and shocks definitely make a big difference.

Thanks for your quality work, we'll be back soon for the expansion tank. Maybe you can put on the new license plate frames you mentioned.

Have a great day!

Mike B.

...received via e-mail Dec-03

You win! I drove into your shop with a brand new set of Bilstein shocks absorbers (the best shock you can get), and brand new Michelin 195/75-14 LTX tires on factory 14" x 6" alloy wheels (the best 14" wheel tire combination you can get) ALREADY on my Westy, and felt like my van drove just fine. You told me to "try" one of your larger alloy tire/wheel upgrades. Not 2 miles up the road, my girlfriend mentioned she could notice the difference as a passenger! As the driver, I was grinning from ear to ear...the difference was incredible! Thank you to you and your professional staff for all the assistance!
Happy Holidays, Paul Navabpour

Paul has agreed to act a reference for GoWesty and can be contacted at:
…received via e-mail October-03

Just a note to let you know the 15" tire and wheel package I bought from you for my 1986 Vanagon has made an unbelievable difference in the way my camper drives and handles. Sidesway and wander has been totally eliminated, and I couldn't be more pleased. Worth every penny!

Jerre Lloyd
Oxnard, CA

...received via e-mail September-03

These new wheels and the tires I got make a world of difference! When we were on the southern Oregon Coast, the wind howled like a banshee, and tried to push the Westy off the road. It did succeed in shoving
us around a bit, but the new tires really helped stay the course. More than once on our trip, I was glad I wasn't riding on my old skins. The new setup provides much better handling!
Best - JW

...received via e-mail August-03

I purchased a wheel/tire, and shock package among other items from you earlier this year. I just returned from a coast-to-coast trip with my kids and a great time was had by all. The van handled like a dream on the road - couldn't believe the difference and I've said more than once that the wheel/tire/shock purchase was the best money I've ever spent on the van. Thanks, Billy M.

...received via e-mail July-03

"I had just flown from LA to Cincinnati to buy an almost showroom condition 91 Vanagon Westfalia GL and drive it back across the country. On the 2700 mile trip back I was blown all over the road by semi's and big RV's. Every time I got passed by one (and who doesn't with a 95HP VW?) The van shuddered and whipped back and forth until the offending vehicle was far enough ahead to release me from its "tractor beam" slipstream. Side winds across the plains states would have me keeping a death grip on my wheel. I would try to predict them and the affects of going under an underpass would have on the Van, but It was always an unpleasant surprise.

And then came Go Westy and Lucas Valdes.

Before I bought the van, I was cruising the internet looking for anything that pertained to Vanagons. Go Westy's site was complete, reassuring and exciting for a Vanagon nut like me. Go Westy's headquarters was less than three hours from my home and reached by a beautiful drive to the California Coast.

I showed up unannounced to buy some accessories and talk to the owner, S. Lucas Valdes about Go Westy's high performance waterboxer engine take the Vanagon up to close to 140 HP! Lucas had a terrific special on larger tires and wheels. He explained patiently to me the benefits of a larger wheel than the standard 14 Inch OEM models. He had 15 and 16 inch options for me to choose from. I picked the 15 inchers since he said the most improvement would be from 14 to 15 and going to 16 would only add a little more improvement.

The Vanagon had 68K loving miles on it with 14 inch alloys with Goodyear Aquatreds. Lucas pointed out these were auto tires, not the strengthened models required for the Vanagon. Long story short...I had him install four new 15 alloy wheels and Michelins. For extra measure I had him change the shocks with Brazilian models which were significantly cheaper than OEM replacements from Germany. He gave me a $200 credit on my wheels and tires which make my new running gear about $1500 installed.

That was a lot of money for someone coming in looking for replacement seat knobs! But after a week, it was one of the best investments I've ever made in a vehicle. The Van is rock solid on the freeway. Eighteen Wheelers coming from opposing directions doesn't even scare me! The Van handling is DAY and NIGHT! It is stable, almost impervious to sidewinds and laughs at Semi's buffeting. It tracks around mountain roads like a four wheel drive.

It's like driving a DIFFERENT van and worth every penny.

Call Lucas today and talk to him about how to make your Vanagon as good (and as fast) as possible. He's fair, patient and unbelievably knowledgeable about Vanagons and VW campers."

Sam Hershfield.

...received via e-mail May-03


I want to thank both you, your staff and the two excellent mechanics that worked on Old Blue replacing my old 14" tires with the new 15" trick ones from Italy. You all did a first class job and I appreciate your suggestions and input.

I must say the best way to experience the difference between the OEM 14 inchers and the alloy 15 inchers is to drive down from the Bay area on the old rims and drive back on the new alloys - night and day! We drove back home in very gusty conditions, Old Blue never hugged the road better. And, the ride was quiet. I thoroughly enjoy the new tires - and could not imagine tires and rims making that much of a change in how well the vanagon rides.

One thing - if I had thought about it, I should have had you install the new, bigger front disc brakes instead of replacing the old pucks and repacking the existing bearings. It would have made more sense to amortize the cost into a new system, rather than staying with the smaller brakes.

Thanks again, all the best,

Dave C.

...received via e-mail April-03

Thank you, thank you, thank you! J The 15 X 7 wheel & tire package was installed on my 1988 Westy today … and I am ASTOUNDED in the positive changes that were noticed immediately when driving it! Handling in general, particularly on sharp curves (like Interstate entrance and exit ramps), and steering response in particular, has improved markedly. The ride of the vehicle is not only quieter but smoother and more controlled. It now drives more like a car and less like a buckboard! It handles the tar strips on the concrete Interstate at 65 m.p.h. with aplomb! We have a lot of “calming zones” on our residential side streets here with speed bumps installed every few hundred feet to keep people’s speed down … before those bumps were very unforgiving to cross in the Westy, but now the rebound impact seems less severe. And the appearance of the vehicle is dramatically improved, too ... had I known what an asset these tires and wheels were, I would have bought them when I first inherited the Westy from my Dad in March 2002. If you have any customers who are “on the fence” about making the change, refer them my way … I will convince them! Thanks, too, for your advice and response to my questions along the way from ordering to delivery. I am a VERY satisfied customer, and I fear I may become addicted. Now I guess I will have to get onto E-bay to auction off the four original wheels and wheel covers! Next project – exhaust system replacement. Regards, Cameron

Cameron has agreed to act a reference for GoWesty and can be contacted at:
...received via e-mail Feb-03

Hi Lucas,

just wanted to follow up and tell you about our ride home. The new rims and Michelin tires combined with a set of Bilsteins made all the difference in the world! The Vanagon Camper became very quiet and handles great. We are glad that we made this worth while investment and want to thank you for your suggestions. Our thanks also to your excellent crew! You ARE the Westfalia headquarters.

Best regards,

Claus and Irene




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