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We currently have many vehicles in stock that we are busily transforming into top-tier GoWesty machines. We don't waste our time on rusty or crashed vehicles. If we have chosen a candidate for restoration, it is done only after very careful inspection to insure it is a worthy candidate. The vehicles listed below under the "Available Now" heading are live links to the vehicles we have available for purchase now. Just click on it and see all of the details, including price. Our vehicles don't stay "for sale" very long; therefore, some might already be marked as "SOLD" by the time you see them. Don't fret— just check back often! We have an excellent inventory of restorable vehicles and are working daily to produce the finest Vanagons and Eurovans available. If you've got a dream vehicle in mind, send us your Camper Wish List!

If you're thinking about purchasing a vehicle, we strongly encourage you to take the time to do your homework. We want you and your vehicle to enjoy a long and happy life together! Please click on each of the links below for some valuable and insightful information. When you call, we're going to ask if you've done your reading.

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Year Type Model Miles Trans. Cost Sold  
2002  Eurovan  Weekender  155,123  Automatic  $59,434.87  07/15  Link
2002  Eurovan  Weekender  83,254  Automatic  $60,302.49  05/15  Link
1990  Vanagon  Full Camper  149,208  Automatic  $64,227.78  03/15  Link
2000  Eurovan  Full Camper  122,217  Automatic  $51,682.08  03/15  Link
1990  Vanagon  Weekender  92,788  Automatic  $71,124.25  02/15  Link
1991  Vanagon  Weekender Syncro  280,897  Manual  $79,427.22  01/15  Link
1987  Vanagon  Full Camper  277,050  Automatic  $71,755.40  01/15  Link
1990  Vanagon  Full Camper Syncro  247,801  Manual  $79,191.96  01/15  Link
1999  Eurovan  Full Camper  119,451  Automatic  $47,760.41  12/14  Link
2001  Eurovan  Full Camper  51,145  Automatic  $61,595.92  11/14  Link
1991  Vanagon  Full Camper  189,875  Automatic  $66,754.55  07/14  Link
2002  Eurovan  Full Camper  41,697  Automatic  $62,058.50  07/14  Link
1991  Vanagon  Full Camper  95,206  Automatic  $74,967.67  04/14  Link
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GoWesty! Camper Products is a privately owned company specializing in parts, accessories, sales and service of Volkswagen (R) campers. It is not affiliated in any way with Volkswagen of America or Volkswagen AG. "Vanagon", "Bus", "VW", "Volkswagen", and "Eurovan" are registered trademarks and should be considered as such throughout our entire website.


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