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Unfortunately, we cannot take your weak, your weary, your beloved...
We are currently buried in restoration projects. As such, 
we cannot accept any NEW restoration projects until 
October of 2015.

We are very proud of the restoration projects we have completed in the past. Please check them out below! We pride ourselves in delivering a product that is as close to "like new" as possible. If what you're looking for is a tip-to-tail, ground-up restoration... well, you've come to the right place. We cut no corners at GoWesty, and we're proud of the fact that our finished vehicles leave here in as close to "perfect" condition as is humanly possible—in fact, in most cases, they are even better than when they rolled off the showroom floor.

Typically, it makes more sense to just buy a finished GoWesty vehicle. All said and done, buying a vehicle we have chosen and restored can take less time, cost less money, and be less risky. But, if you're absolutely in love with your vehicle, and you want GoWesty to restore it, that might just be possible. Note: GoWesty only restores 1983-91 gasoline-powered, water-cooled Vanagons and 1997-2003 Eurovans. Here are our terms and conditions:

Initial inspection: The first step is to send in photographs of your vehicle so we can see if there is any obvious reason you should not restore it. Photos will give us a rough idea. When the vehicle gets here, we will make the final determination if it is a good candidate for restoration. If it is not a good candidate—too rusty, bad accident history, etc.—we will decline to restore it, as that would not be in your best interests. 

Restoration cost: We will write up this restoration project no differently from a vehicle taken from our own inventory to restore and resell. The cost will reflect this, and you will not have any input in how we do this part of the restoration—with the exception of some basic options (like adding a torque biasing differential, zero-lift or lifting springs, and adding options like an awning). Quite simply: The cost will be what it is. It will likely cost no less than $45K and could easily get up into the $90K range, depending on some of the options you choose. The exact cost will not be known until the end of the restoration project, but we are typically within 2% of our total estimated project cost. 

Time of project: It is unlikely that your restoration project will take less than a year. Typically speaking, these projects take between 12-18 months. The bottom line is this: The project will take as long as is necessary to complete it, and GoWesty cannot accommodate any time restrictions, future travel plans, or implied deadlines.

Parts payment: Once the restoration estimates are written up, GoWesty requires payment for all of the parts set aside for your project. This usually adds up to about 70% of the total cost.

Payment information: The initial 70% payment and estimated balance (when the project is close to being finished) are to be paid via bank wire transfer. Any small remaining balance can be paid with a credit card, check, or cash. Any remaining credit will be reimbursed with a GoWesty company check or refund to your credit card (if applicable). Please note that if you live outside California, but you plan to pick up the vehicle at GoWesty, your project will be subject to applicable sales tax.

If you are in agreement with the above terms and conditions, we can start talking about your specific vehicle and the restoration project ahead. The first step is to get some photos.

Please take photos of the following:

• Left front corner from about 10' away (w/ top up, if applicable)
• Right rear corner from about 10' away (w/ top up, if applicable)
• VIN badge on the dashboard
• Instrument cluster
• Engine compartment
• Exhaust system and suspension (as many as you can shoot)
• Close-up shots of any flaws and/or rust spots

Also, please relay any major repairs that we should know about (like a recent GoWesty engine installation, for example) that might affect the restoration. Don't include things like oil changes. If you feel you have already done much of the stuff we normally do, your vehicle is probably NOT a good candidate, because we would just end up re-doing much of it. 

Armed with this information, we will be able to determine whether your vehicle is a good restoration candidate. Send your photos and information to our Vehicle Projects Team

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