Vehicle Sales & Restoration

RESTORATION NEWSFLASH! We are completely booked for the 2016/17 calendar years. Therefore, we are no longer accepting customer-owned vehicles for restoration. Additionally, we are not currently accepting vehicle "Wish List" submissions or deposits for our inventory vehicles, as they are all spoken for. We are operating at full capacity, and we simply cannot take on any additional work in the coming year. This may change in the months ahead—but it is highly unlikely. Please keep an eye on our site for updates.

Vehicle Sales: Occasionally we have finished vehicles for sale. Most of the time, these are vehicles that we previously restored and are now  offering on consignment. When folks needs change, we are always happy to help find a new home for their beloved camper. 

View our available vehicles: Current Inventory (No vehicles currently available. Please check back at a later date)

Important note: If you're thinking about purchasing a vehicle from anyone, we strongly encourage you to take the time to do your homework. We want you and your vehicle to enjoy a long and happy life together! 

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