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2002 Eurovan Weekender - #736 - $29,699.56 Total delivered price.

Engine: 204HP VR6 Trans: Auto
Color: Burgundy VIN: WV2NB47032H064990
Mileage: 83,755
Options: Four Speed Automatic Transmission (4SPD-AT), Air Conditioning (AC), Power Brakes (PB), Anti-Lock Brakes System (ABS), Electronic Limited Slip (ELS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Power Steering (PS), Power Windows (PW), Power Door Locks (PDL), Keyless Entry (KE), Heated Power Mirrors (HPM), Heated Rear Window (RDEF), Cruise Control (CC), Intermittent Wiper and Washer Front (I/M WWF), Intermittent Wiper and Washer Rear (I/M WWR), AM/FM Cassette (CASS), Alloy Wheels (AW), Lighted Vanity Mirror, Right (LVMR), Electric Cooler (EC), Auxiliary Battery System (AUX BATT)   [ What Are These? ]

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Here is another southern California vehicle. No rust AT ALL. No collision history AT ALL.

We picked this one up for only $10,000. It was at a VW dealer, and the owner was told it needed a whole new engine....WRONG. Turns out it had a the common timing chain failure the 24 valve VR6 is suseptible to; all fixed now!

We bought this one very right, and are marking it up 20%, so this one starts out at only $12,000 plus $350 shipping to get it here. Tax and license fees are calculated on this amount.

NO! It is NOT available AS-IS! We will only sell it after it has been thoroughly GoWesty-ized...

The price listed above includes $12,350 for the vehicle (which is a steal), plus:

GoWesty super duper ultra thorough major service
-All maintenance items back to zero miles
All new timing chains and guides
New water pump with metal impeller
Bilstein shocks
Suspension height adjusted back to new height
Computerized 4-wheel alignment
GoWesty super duper ultra thorough details inside, outside, and under
New Windshield
Two new batteries
AUL extended warranty
-48 month, 48,000 miles
-"ESTATE" level of coverage
-With enhanced electrical package coverage
-Zero deductible
-Good at any independent repair facility or VW dealer
-Good anywhere in the USA or Canada
--Visit for more details

Price DOES NOT include tax, license, smog check and certificate, and/or shipping as applicable.

It is not much to look at now, but it will be super nice when we are done...

Sal come down from Santa Cruz to check this little MV out before it was all done. We had budgeted over $1400 for beautificatoin he did not feel was totally necessary. So, he decided to have that cut out to keep the price down. Instead, he decided to spend a little bit more on other things, like:

Upgraded stereo with iPOD interface
Yakima roof rack brackets
Trailer hitch and wiring
Plus a little trip through our retail shop for some goodies...

All in all, he got a super solid, well equipped, fully warranted MV for a very attractive price. Nice buy, Sal...

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