Speedometer Cable

Part #: 251-957-803E

VW Part #: 251957803E

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 1.10 lbs

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Price: $19.95

This 2240mm cable fits LEFT HAND DRIVE 2WD (NON-SYNCRO) Vanagons with clip-on (as opposed to screw-on) speedometer cable. It is recommended that grommet 111-957-855B be replaced when replacing the speedo cable.

Fitment note: These speedometer cables require the small circlip for installation. Your current cable may already have that clip, in which case you can carry on per usual. But we strongly recommend purchasing a NEW one in the related products section below!

Note:  Many Vanagons up to around 1987 have a black box located mid-way on the speedometer cable. These vehicles were equipped with two cables, one from the front left wheel to the black box, another from the black box to the speedometer. The only purpose of the black box is to turn on the EGR/OXY "idiot light" in the dashboard every 30,000 miles. The light has nothing to do with either the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) or OXY (oxygen sensor) systems themselves; it simply turns on the light. This was a requirement for the vehicle to be sold in California. It is silly, and when it comes on, you have to crawl under your Vanagon and push a button on the black box (if it is not filled up with mud) to reset it and turn off the light. These boxes are known for filling up with water, seizing, and causing the speedometer cable(s) to break. The black box is very expensive, and pretty useless. The cable we sell bypasses the black box, thereby deleting the 30k EGR/OXY "idiot light" system, but does not affect the function of either of the ACTUAL systems. When you install your new cable, you can either leave the box installed and plugged in or you can remove the box and seal up the wiring to prevent water ingress.

Installation Note:  It is suggested to lube the cable prior to installation by spraying some high temp lubricant like HHS-K Spray Grease down the cable, through the sheath, to ensure proper operation of the cable.

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