High Volume Oil Pump Kit


Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 2.75 lbs

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Price: $69.95

Replacing the original 24mm oil pump with one of our larger 30mm oil pumps—with a machined cover—is inexpensive insurance for a vehicle with notoriously-low oil pressure. If you are experiencing a low oil pressure warning buzzer issue—and you've read our article on the subject—you know that our high-volume pump kit can help quiet that buzzer for good! We include this larger-volume oil pump on every rebuilt GoWesty engine.

Kit includes:
• 30mm high-volume pump w/GoWesty tested gear*
• Pump-to-block gasket
• Cover-to-pump gasket
• Custom-machined OEM pump cover
• Bolts and sealing washers to replace the leak-prone stud/sealing nut combination

NOTE: Installation instructions are NOT included. This kit is intended for professional installation only. Please refer to your Bentley Repair Manual for the proper procedure.

Pro tip: On our rebuilds, we ditch the pump-to-block gasket and use Reinzosil sealant only. 

*We have found over the years (the hard way) that the press-fit between the driven pump gear and the shaft that drives it can vary to the point where the gear can literally spin on the shaft causing all sorts of hard to diagnose oil pressure issues, and even engine seizure. So, we developed a special tool to test each and every driven gear/shaft fit by applying a torque to the gear. We have flunked as many as 50% on some of the brands we have sold in the past because the gear press fit does not pass our test. This test adds very little to the price we charge for our pumps, but the value to you can be enormous. We are always striving to find the best pump on the market, and if we ever find one with gears that check out good 100% of the time: We can finally stop checking them! Yeah, GoWesty has your back.

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