Clutch Pedal Assembly for Vanagon (Rebuilt)


Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 4.00 lbs

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Base Price: $129.95

Clutch Pedal Assembly Core Charge


Price: $329.95

Vanagon clutch pedals tend to wear out, plain and simple. Over time, the round hole that pushes on the clutch master cylinder rod clevis pin becomes oblong and the clevis pin wears out, which leads to excessive free-play in the clutch pedal. Then, one day... no clutch.

Now you're left with three choices:

1. Buy a new pedal and pin from VW. That'll cost you about $150, but it won't solve the design issues.
2. Buy a GoWesty better-than-new rebuilt model! That's the smart choice.
3. Buy a GoWesty clutch pedal rebuild kit (available in the Related Products section below)—if you can weld, grind, and drill, this is an inexpensive option! 

We weld up the pedal, drill a larger than original round hole, add a bronze bushing, replace the pin... and voila! You've got a rebuilt pedal that lasts forever. Which is a good thing, because replacing the clutch pedal is a royal pain: you have to remove the entire dashboard, and you don't want to do that twice!

Rebuilt unit features: Welded, drilled, bushed pedal; new clevis pin, new cotter pin. This kit DOES NOT include a new clevis. Typically, the clevis does not wear out, because the contact bearing area between the pin and clevis has over twice as much as the pedal/pin area. 

GREEN ALERT: Purchasing a rebuilt GoWesty unit helps keep the junkyards free of debris. Do your part, and we'll do ours.

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This item is sold EXCHANGE. You'll pay a $200 core charge, refundable when you send back your old rebuildable clutch pedal assembly. For example, rounded out holes are okay for a core—but broken tabs might constitute a non-rebuildable core.

Please call our customer service team for a return authorization number prior to shipping your core: (888) 469-3789.


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