Traveling With The VW Bus & Camper

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Introduced in the 1950s, the Volkswagen Bus was designed to be multifunctional. Since then, it has come to symbolize fun, freedom, and adventure. As you know, VW camper owners fully incorporate their vehicles into their lives: Some treat their campers as an extension of their home, while others undertake epic journeys in them, across desert and sea, and through Europe, Asia, and Africa. Some strap surfboards to the roof and head for the nearest beach, while others soup up the engines and take them drag racing in California. Many will spend hours restoring and customizing them and even more time talking about them with fellow camper owners. Traveling with the VW Bus and Camper is a tribute to this passion, to the owners who have lavished time, effort, inspiration and love on their campers, and, of course, to the VW camper itself. This book traces the cult of the camper, from family errands to vacation home to design icon. Above all else, the VW camper van is living history and readers will find chapters dedicated to travel narratives detailing road trips from England to Afghanistan and back, ad campaigns that sell the VW bus lifestyle, and weddings and other family events that feature buses in their ceremonies. A great book for any VW camper owner.

Hardback with jacket. 176 pages. 10"X10"X1"



About the authors:


David and Cee Eccles have been around VW buses since 1976, when they bought a Splitscreen Camper, gave up their teaching jobs, and spent a year living in it while traveling through Persia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and India. From 1990 they were very active members of the Splitscreen Van Club and for ten years edited the club magazine. Dave has since written two books about the VW camper and is also editor of Volkswagen Camper and Commercial, a magazine dedicated exclusively to the VW bus.
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