Awning Mounting Kit for Rain Gutter

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-F45VW-T3-V2

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Price Range: $69.95 - $94.95


Final Price: $69.95

Awning mounting bracket kit for Vanagon. Fits both ARB and Fiamma awnings. Some drilling may be required.

Kit Includes:
• Pair of rain gutter* mounting brackets in black powdercoat. *Fits both early and late style Vanagon rain gutters.
• Mounting hardware, including rivet nut tool & threaded inserts.
• Rubber foot sleeves for paint protection
• Detailed installation instructions
If you’re looking to add an extra bracket to your awning for stability—maybe you head off-road quite a bit, and you’re planning on bouncing down the trail—we now offer a kit with three mounting brackets.

***Note for hardtop model owners: These brackets will not work in conjunction with a gutter mounted roof rack kit.***

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Installation of the F45ti 8'-4" awning on a Vanagon is tricky (the new F45S does not have this issue). See photos #2 & #3 below. The internals of this particular awning are positioned directly over the vehicle mounting points. There is a small opening on the inside of the awning just next to the shock spring, that is just large enough to drill the appropriate hole for the bracket mounting bolt. It is a tight fit, but it works. Use a 7/32" drill bit to make a hole in the awning case. There is no drilling into the vehicle itself. Put a dab of super glue on the end of your screwdriver to hold the bolt in place as you feed it through the narrow gap. This is NOT an issue when mounting the longer 10' F45 model. Go for it!

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