Front Door Panel Set - Vinyl w/ Cloth Inserts

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 14.00 lbs

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Price Range: $279.95 - $369.95


Final Price: $279.95

Vinyl front door panels, sold as a pair. Beautiful OEM-quality, priced right, and made in the USA. What's not to love?

Comes in Tan and Gray, with or without pockets.

Panel set includes:
• One driver's side, and one passenger's side interior door panel
• Full set of door panel clips

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The panel board material features all the necessary cut-outs for all models, such as power window and mirror switches, and 1988-91 speaker holes. Vanagon models made from 1980-87 had the speaker located closer to the window crank, and were notorious for the window crank hitting the speaker. The later 1988-91 location is better, but still not ideal for a quality speaker. We recommend installing the speaker down low, where the original door pocket was located on the driver's side—instead of the door pocket. We have left these panels completely covered by the material, so depending on your year and model, you will need to make incisions in the fabric to gain access to these openings for installation. Also, installing this kit provides a great opportunity to relocate your power window switches to the dash with this nifty kit.

The product weight listed is for UPS Dimensional Weight calculations, and does NOT reflect the actual product weight.

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