Budget Replacement Digital Clock


VW Part #: 255919203B

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 0.40 lbs

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Price: $9.95

Sorry, we're temporarily sold out.

UPDATE: We now offer a direct replacement LCD screen for original digital clocks.

The original Vanagon digital clocks are well-seasoned... which is a nice way of saying they're old as dirt. Many have succumbed to sun or heat damage. We've created an inexpensive digital clock replacement kit designed to cover up that old factory clock with a nice, battery-powered unit that fits perfectly over the original. You can also use this kit to add a digital clock to Vanagons not originally equipped with one!  

Installation is simple with the included Velcro strips. 

Please note that this new clock will not ensure the punctuality of you and your Vanagon. Make sure to leave 5 minutes earlier than you think you should. 

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