Dash Console w/Fold Out Tray

Part #: 255-070-001A

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 6.30 lbs

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Price: $129.95

These large dash consoles are extremely popular in Europe, as they add some useful space on the dash for harboring random stuff like bobby pins, lip balm, pocketknives, knitting needles, toothbrushes, fingernail clippers, bear spray, mini-flashlights, magnifying glasses, and all the other bits of roadside treasure that your travel partner incessantly collects, like leaves, feathers, sticks, clumps of moss, and random bits of unidentified animal bones. In addition to the lovely little rectangular indentations, one will find two round recesses that are quite handy for staging cool refreshments, piping hot caffeinated beverages, or even a steaming hot cup of oatmeal. Yum! 

It should also be mentioned that these consoles were designed for the non-padded steel dash commonly seen on European models. As such, it is not a direct fit for the US padded dashboard, but can be easily made to fit with a rotary tool and some sanding. How long will this take you ask? Well, from what we know of our customer base, anywhere from thirty-minutes to six hours.

• Two standard sized drink holders (not 7-Eleven Big Gulp compatible)
• Multiple recessed compartments
• Hinged fold-out tray


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