Early-Model Speedometer Assembly (Not Diesel)

Part #: 251-957-057BEX

VW Part #: 251957057BE

Works With: 1980-85

Weight: 2.50 lbs

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Price Range: $204.95 - $224.95


Core Charge: Early 2WD Speedometer


Final Price: $504.95

This speedometer is a rebuilt replacement for the 1980-'85 gasoline-powered Vanagon 2WD (not Syncro or Diesel). It will fit all models, pop-top or not. The large numbers on the face are in MPH. The small numbers are in KPH. 

Special note for customers with larger wheels/tires: We offer speedometers calibrated to increase the speedometer/odometer reading by 7%. If your 2WD vehicle is outfitted with 215/75-15 or 215/70-16 tires, please choose the " +7%" option. (NOT recommended for use with standard GoWesty 15" and 16" wheel/tire packages (outfitted with 215/65/15 and 215/60-16, respectively).  

Note for customers with KPH (kilometers per hour) speedometers: If you need a speedometer reading in kilometers, please call us directly at (888) 469-3789.


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Purchasing the correct year range is very important! The early-model snap-in speedometer works with 1980-85 Vanagons; the late-model snap-in speedometer works with 1986-91 Vanagons (the term "snap-in" refers to the speedometer cable mounting provision, which can be either snap-in or screw-in). 

Early vehicles (80-83) with screw-on speedometer cable require the purchase of a new speedometer cable of the snap-in type, part number 251-957-803E, sold separately below.

Core charge for this speedometer is $300, which is refundable upon return of your old speedometer core, with the following conditions:

• If the needle is broken, you will forfeit $50 of the core charge.
• If the spindle is broken, you will forfeit $100 of the core charge.
• If any mounting holes are damaged, you will forfeit $50 of the core charge.
• If you purchase a snap-in type speedo and return a screw-in type core, you will forfeit the entire core charge.
• If you purchase an MPH speedo and return a KPH core, you will forfeit $200 of the core charge.

Please contact us for a core authorization number prior to shipping it to us, and make sure to package it very carefully!

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