LPG Tank with Regulator

Made in the USA

Part #: 253-070-601D

VW Part #: 253070601D

Works With: 1968-91

Weight: 35.00 lbs

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Price Range: $369.95 - $379.95


Final Price: $379.95

A shiny new propane tank just for you! This tank is manufactured by the OEM Supplier Manchester Tank, and is compliant with all current Federal D.O.T. Regulations. It is a direct bolt in replacement for all Volkswagen Bus and Vanagon applications.

Product details:
• Includes internal auto-stop valve & shut-off valve
• New regulator with plastic covers
• Skid plate
• 10% larger 3.3 gallon capacity.
• D.O.T compliant

Installation tips:
- Due to the modern design of the regulator, you will most likely NOT have to cut and re-flare your lines for installation. 
- There is a brass two-into-one T-fitting into which your copper lines thread. You'll need to keep this T-fitting and reuse it when installing your new tank.
- When removing the lines and the splitter from your old regulator, you can utilize a pipe plug to stop the flow of LP before removing the old tank. 
- We recommend having your new tank professionally purged before the first filling. Please contact a local RV shop for purging.
- Likewise, any leftover LP in your old tank should be professionally purged.

Bus owners:
Installation of this tank requires an adapter bracket kit, sold separately below.

WARNING: When attaching fittings to the regulator, be sure to support the regulator with a second wrench – at the end you are attaching the fitting. DO NOT hold the opposite end of the regulator while torqueing down the fitting as this can crack the casing of the regulator. (see additional image)

Article alert! Read our "LP Fuel Tank for Vanagon: The Full Story" article which addresses the lifespan, legislation, and replacement of the Vanagon/Bus LP tank.


Product Videos

Marshall Excelsior Regulator: You may need to shorten and re-flare your existing LP gas lines to install this regulator, or remove the regulator cover to fill the tank.

Cavagna Regulator: This is the best replacement for the original regulator on the market. It is temporarily out of stock from the manufacturer, but will be available again in April of 2017.

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