Heavy Duty "Finned" Rear Brake Drum

Part #: GVW-251-609-615-P

VW Part #: 251609615

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 23.00 lbs

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Price: $99.95

It's all about heat management, folks. Brakes rely on friction, and friction makes for lots of heat. To get rid of that heat, you need thermal mass and surface area. At 19.5 pounds, these heavy-duty custom GW-designed drums are roughly 40% heavier than the originals. This extra mass allows for greater thermal absorption, which translates into less brake fade and quicker stops—not to mention longer life and increased resistance to warping. Our finned drums also have more surface area to dissipate that heat.

And if you're tired of having to use a big hammer to get stuck drums off, you'll be happy to know that these drums have threaded holes to screw in a bolt and pop off the drums—no hammer required!

Sold each. Two (2) required per vehicle.

Important Note: These new GoWesty black-coated drums are coated on all surfaces, including the friction surface the brake shoes rub against. You may experience some brake surging until the brake shoes have worn all the way through the coating and the material dissipates, a process that takes no more than a few days of regular driving. 


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The face of this drum is a bit thicker than the original; therefore, you will have less stud-to-fastener thread engagement when mounting your wheels. At 8mm of available thread (5-6 turns), the strength of the stud itself is exceeded (meaning that 5-6 rotations is plenty!), but if you want the original amount of engagement, longer studs are required. 56mm replacement studs are sold separately below. Ten (10) required per vehicle.

Note for GoWesty alloy wheels: If you are going to use this brake drum with any GW alloy wheel, you will need to purchase longer studs (56mm), sold separately below.

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