Power Mirror Housing (German OEM)

VW Classic Parts (VWCP)

Part #: 251-857-51

VW Part #: 251857513CP, 251857514CP

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Base Price: $249.95


Final Price: $249.95

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This is a genuine German, brand-new power mirror assembly for your Vanagon!

We are really excited to have these available—for years, we have sold pairs of good used power mirror assemblies, and they are getting scarce. But no longer! Upgrading your side view mirrors from the smaller and prone-to-flop non-power mirrors to the larger, more robust power mirror bodies is arguably one of the most popular Vanagon upgrades. Visibility is greatly improved, and they are rock solid at highway speeds. Once you experience the superior functionality of the power mirror body, you'll never be able to go back.

• (1) 251-857-513 or 251-857-514 power mirror housing (each side sold separately)
• Mirror adjustment motor, glass mounting mechanism, and body-to-door wiring harness
• Power mirror housing-to-body gasket (251-857-543B)
• Lower screw cover (251-857-519)

Does NOT include the actual glass mirror (sold separately below). 

Fit notes: These bodies are a direct replacement for all Vanagons that were originally equipped with power mirrors. They will also fit all years of Vanagon that were not originally equipped with power mirrors, but an additional screw hole must be added to the body for installation. A self-tapping sheet metal screw works fine; however, a better solution is to add a threaded "rivet-nut" to the body. Vanagons originally delivered without power mirrors will not have the wiring in place to power and control these new bodies, but they can be safely adjusted manually without harming the mirror adjusting mechanism. If you would like to add full power operation, you will need to add the wiring harness from this part to the main vehicle harness, in addition to adding the control switches.

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