Knob & Switch Kit for Locker or Decoupler

Part #: KNOB-KIT

Works With: 1986-91

Weight: 1.30 lbs

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Price: $149.95

This kit contains the necessary components to add a locker/decoupler control knob to your dash. If you are purchasing the GoWesty Decoupler Kit, you DO NOT need to purchase this, as our decoupler kit comes with these components!

• Vacuum switch, knob, and mounting hardware
• Vacuum tubing to supply both sides of the actuator
• Switch and connectors for factory control panel indicator light and bulb

NOTE: If you do not currently have a factory control panel, you can mount the control knob directly in the sheet metal of the dash. You will need to source an indicator light of your choosing and wiring to run from the indicator switch up to the dash.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If your vehicle is not equipped with factory locker, you will need to add a vacuum system. Please see our Base Vacuum System for Locker/Decoupler in the related items section below.


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