Emergency Winter Kit

Part #: FA-8LL

Weight: 3.35 lbs

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Just like clockwork, it arrives every year. Winter! Don't be caught out in the cold without basic automotive essentials. It is amazing how little it takes to make the difference between a little hiccup in your travel plans, and a real emergency. Please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get prepared. This emergency winter kit is an absolute must-have for winter driving. The wide mouth bag is even spacious enough to add a water bottle, an emergency beacon, food rations, or whatever you feel you might need to get through a cold night. 

First Aid
 - (3) Antiseptic towelettes
 - (5) 3/8" x 1.5" bandages
 - (10) 3/4" x 3" bandages
Survival Tools
 - (2) Hand warmers
 - Quick-spark fire starter
 - (3) Emergency candles
 - 12' tow strap
 - Flashlight w/batteries
 - Ice scraper

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