Fox Shock Absorber Set

Made in the USA

Part #: FOX-2WD-BNDL

Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 28.00 lbs

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Price: $899.95

After tens of thousands of miles of off-road testing, we are extremely proud to offer our exclusive GoWesty FOX shocks for 2WD Vanagons, manufactured in the USA by the one and only world-renowned Fox Racing, Inc.

If you're looking for a race-quality shock that performs amazingly well off-road (as well as on-road), this Fox shock kit is for you. These GoWesty/Fox exclusives are dampened similarly to the Bilstein Extra Heavy Duty shocks we offer, so on the street they'll feel relatively the same. The difference becomes really apparent when you leave the highway! These Fox shocks are much more rugged, offering a larger design that puts them in an entirely different class of shock absorber. Simply put: These things are practically indestructible, and they handle great under all conditions—especially punishing off-road environments that would normally destroy other shocks.

Fox shock features:
Fox 2.0 Factory Series IFP shocks.
• Shock body is physically larger for superior heat dissipation.
• Larger shock body can hold more oil for better lubrication under intense conditions.
• The lower mounts are a 100% stainless steel heim-joint design. No rubber.
• Fox employs the most technologically-advanced, highest-temperature-resistant sealing materials and oil on the planet.
• Combines Fox's world-renowned extreme racing prowess with GoWesty's expert knowledge of these vehicles.
• Designed to accommodate for suspension lifts up to 2" increased ride height.
• 100% rebuildable & revalveable.
• Direct bolt-on installation. No special tools required!

Kit contents:
• (2) Front shocks
• (2) Rear shocks w/piggy-back oil reservoirs
• (8) Stainless spacers for lower heim joint mounts
• (2) Nuts for top of front shock

Note for Automatic Transmissions: When fitting GoWesty rear FOX shocks to a Vanagon with automatic transmission, you should be prepared to replace your axles with our larger, heavy duty axles that are fitted with Porsche 930 Turbo CV joints. This is because there is a chance you will have a problem with the left side drive axle due to the fact it is shorter than the right one (and even shorter than both left and right on manual transaxle Vanagons). This very short AT-only left axle subjects the CV joints to a more severe angle, and the longer FOX shock absorber might be too much for them to handle. We have sold many sets of these rear FOX shocks for use on Vanagon with AT without complaint. But if your particular Vanagon happens to sit a bit higher, or the transaxle sits a little further to the left than average, for example -- you might have an issue. The 930 CVs are capable of a greater angles and will solve the problem.

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These shocks come with a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects in parts and/or workmanship. Warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper installation, use, or abuse. Warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

If your Fox shocks are outside the warranty time frame and need to be serviced, please contact Fox directly to fill out a service request form.

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