Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light for 12V Outlet

Silver Option


Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $18.95

This sweet little Spotlight is rechargeable, and it fits nicely in your 12V lighter assembly. Light when you need it! 

- High power 0.5 watt LED bulb (35+ lumens)
- Annodized aluminum body
- 180+ minutes of light per charge
- Water resistant / submersible
- Red glow "charging" indicator
- Rechargeable Ni - MH battery
- Shines 50 meter / 150 feet

NOTE: This unit is designed with modern 12V lighter assemblies in mind and WILL NOT work with the stock, original 12V outlets. The OEM outlets are too big around and will not make contact with the ground portion of the Spotlight. These do work great with a new replacement outlet (see related products below). Due to their design (no springy contacts on the side), they also do not work well in auxiliary 12V outlets and work best in outlets designed for lighter elements. Both of the assemblies linked below have been tested and work well.

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