Zodi Portable Privacy Enclosure

Part #: GVW-1077

Weight: 16.00 lbs

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Price: $109.95

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The Zodi shower shelter is super roomy! Almost 4 feet wide per side! Most of these types of enclosures are tee-pee shaped and get smaller near the shoulders — not the Zodi Hut.  In fact, the Zodi Hut walls are almost  6 feet high from bottom to top. The door is overlapped and closes automatically (without zippers that get gummed up with mud). This privacy enclosure works great for showering, bathroom breaks, and changing clothes. The over sized detachable floor keeps you clear of mud and dirt.  Industrial quality with professionally rated components.  The Zodi Hut is the best portable shower enclosure available. Four mesh pockets store shower and toilet items. Easy & fast set up & take down.

- Sets up in seconds.
- No assembly necessary — poles and connectors attached.
- Stands 6'6" tall with a base 4'x4'.
- Has three screened windows with covers and zip-close door.
- Inside storage pockets.
- Flap for shower.
- Detachable floor for sanitary reasons.
- Detaches into small carry case.


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