4" HID Off Road Lamp

Part #: GVW-HID4

Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Our Price: $139.95

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Are you looking for some auxiliary off-road lighting? What about a powerful back-up light? Well, good news, you just found it. HID lamps are light years ahead of your everyday halogen lamps. Read on!

The lamp body features a durable Hi-Impact ABS housing, anodized aluminum trim ring, and tempered glass lens with a removeable clear polycarbonate protective lens cover. It also features an internal starter and ballast. Installation is a snap with only two wires to connect. A basic manufacturers wiring diagram is included, but GoWesty does not include vehicle-specific installation instructions.

An on/off switch is not included, and must be purchased separately. If you have a Vanagon, you might use a OEM fog light switch for the job. 

Light Specifications:
- 35 watt Euro-Beam light pattern
- Light distance 1 mile (5280 ft.)
- 6,000K color temperature
- 2,700 lumens
- 3.15-3.30 AMP draw
- 2,500+ hours bulb life

What is HID?

HID, High Intensity Discharge (also known as Xenon), refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas in a sealed bulb, similar to the phenomenon of lightning. HID lighting does not have a filament, but instead creates light by igniting an electrical discharge between two electrodes in an air tight tiny quartz capsule filled with xenon gas.

HID VS. Halogen Lighting
HID lighting utilizes a Ballast & Igniter to supply proper voltage and current control. An HID Ballast will safely and efficiently increase 12V to the 23,000V necessary to ignite the xenon gas.

Advantages of HID vs. Halogen:
On average an HID bulb will last 2,000 hrs vs. 500 hrs for a halogen bulb. It produces a blue-white light closer to natural daylight. The light output from a 35W HID bulb is 300% more light than a 55W halogen bulb, and offers 35% less power consumption than halogen, thus generating much less heat during operation.

What is Color Temperature?
Color Temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin (K) that indicates the hue of a light source.

What is a Lumen?
Lumen is a measure of perceived power of light. It is a way of measuring how much light gets to what you want to light. This is in contrast to "candlepower" which is a measure of light at the source. HID bulbs have the ability to producie a wide spectrum of color temperatures, however the higher the color temperature, the less light output from the HID bulb. However, all HID light is much brighter than Halogen. By comparison, a 35W 6000K HID bulb will produce 2,700 lumens, while a 55W Halogen will produce only 700 lumens.

Taylor says:
"These little lights are BAD ASS! I was sick of not being able to see anything when I needed to back up at night. So I went out and found these bad boys and bolted one to my rear bumper. HOLY COW!  Calling these things bright is a serious understatement. At the campsite, off-road, or on a dark street, this little light packs a serious punch. I actually find myself looking forward to using reverse at night now. I got mine, now go get yours!"

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