2.2 Liter Piston and Cylinder Set

Part #: 025-198-075-GW2.2

VW Part #: 025198075

Works With: 1986-91

Weight: 30.00 lbs

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Base Price: $795.00

Engine Kit Cylinders Core Charge


Price: $995.00

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These GoWesty piston and cylinder sets (otherwise known as piston and liner sets) are identical to what we use in our own 2.2 liter engines. The pistons are made right here in the USA by the JE Corporation—crafted exclusively for GoWesty in our own proprietary forging. This is the same company that makes all of the top European race team pistons, using the same tooling and materials. And just like the pistons we use in our own engines, they have a ceramic coating on the top and moly coating on the sides. These are simply the absolute best-quality piston available on this planet. 

The cylinders are original VW German that have been bored and honed using GoWesty proprietary fixtures and techniques. We'll need to get your old cylinders back, which is why we collect a "core charge" deposit until we receive your existing, rebuildable cylinders. 

These are designed to work with the original 76mm stroke crankshaft fitted in all 1986-91 VW 2.1 liter water-boxers (without any modifications to the original rod or crankshaft). 

Kit includes: (4) 2.2 pistons, wrist pins, clips, rings, cylinders, and special solid copper head gaskets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The engine block assembly (case) may need to be hand-machined for added clearance in several places, including (but not limited to) the roof and beneath piston at BDC and back side of the bosses into which the head studs install from the opposite side. The case is made from cast aluminum, and no two are exactly the same. There is no "blue print" or "program" to achieve this—it has to be done by hand by a very experienced and talented individual. The crankshaft/rod assembly, cylinder, and piston must be test-fitted repeatedly to ensure that the clearance is correct and adequate, while at the same time not going too far and maintaining the cleanliness required for any successful engine rebuild.

NOTE: This kit DOES NOT include installation instructions, and we will not provide technical support throughout the building process. If you do not have the tools, experience, and/or know-how to build a water boxer engine, please purchase one of our complete engines.

CORE CHARGE: $200. This kit is sold "exchange," which means that we need to get your old, rebuildable cylinders back. Please contact our customer service team at (888) 469-3789 or to obtain a return authorization number prior to shipping your old cylinders to GoWesty.

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