Pop-Top Lift Assist Strut Kit


Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 8.00 lbs

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Price: $149.95

This fantastic kit allows you to install pneumatic struts to assist in the opening of your Vanagon Westfalia pop-top. The original lifting gear for these tops included an internal spring assist, but most of these have lost their "oomph," and if there is any load on top of the vehicle—surfboards, rack kit, etc.—forget about it! Until now... 

This GoWesty exclusive features:
• High-strength mounting points and custom mounting brackets
• Durable, high-quality struts—measuring a whopping 45 inches!—manufactured specifically for this application
• A clean and aesthetically-pleasing installation procedure
• Designed by our in-house engineer—so it works!
• Kit also includes all necessary hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

The GoWesty Pop-top Lift Assist Kit can be installed in three ways:
Single Kit - Rear position* — If you don't carry anything atop your Westy (kayaks, surfboards, cargo basket, etc.), this placement is perfect. Open and close the top with incredible ease! 
Single Kit - Forward position* — Carrying a load on top? This mounting position makes it a breeze to open and close the top.
• Dual Kit - Both positions at once — Buy two complete kits for lifting extreme loads (four struts total!).

*Order our supplemental kit (see related products below) if you want the flexibility of installing the mounting brackets in both front & rear locations. This way you can move the struts to either location depending on your changing roof load!

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