Reconditioned Flywheel

Part #: 025-105-271X

VW Part #: 025105271

Works With: 1976-91

Weight: 15.00 lbs

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Base Price: $119.95

Flywheel Core Charge


Price: $219.95

Sorry, we're temporarily sold out.

We have sourced a BRAND-NEW chromoly flywheel to replace this rebuilt option. Please check out the product page here

First, we start with only the nicest candidates, nothing too badly worn.

Then, the following takes place:
• Thoroughly cleaned in a hot tank
• Bead blasted
• Threaded holes for clutch cover are checked
• Three-surface grinding process:
    - Bolting surface for clutch cover
    - Clutch disc friction surface
    - Crankshaft endplay shim surface
    - All surfaces perfectly flat
    - All surfaces perfectly concentric with each other
    (Keep in mind, this is not easy to do!)
    - A very special fixture for these particular flywheels is used
    - Most machine shops completely screw this up!
• Main seal sealing surface is polished

Note: These flywheels are exactly the same as what came on all 83-91 water-cooled Vanagons. They are slightly different than what came on 76-83 air-cooled Bus and Vanagons—they are a little lighter. That's it. They will work just fine, as they are totally interchangeable.

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A core charge of $100 applies to this product.

These flywheels are sold EXCHANGE, which means you must pay a core charge, refundable when we receive your old flywheel (unless yours is not reusable: not thick enough*, bad ring gear, and/or bad seal surface).

*The minimum allowable thickness of the clutch face is .065". A depth micrometer can be used to properly measure the thickness. Your local repair shop is likely to have this tool.

Please check your core carefully before sending it in!

Fits: 76-91 Bus and Vanagon (2.0 air cooled, 1.9 and 2.1 water-cooled, NOT for diesel). Will also fit 72-75 Buses if also fitted with larger 228mm clutch and later 76-newer transmission bell housing (definitely the way to go).

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