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Coolant: Type, Concentration, Mix?

Coolant type: The color and brand of the coolant does not matter, as long as it is PHOSPHATE-FREE. We simply cannot overstate this. If you don't run phosphate-free coolant, your engine will suffer.

Water type: It is very important to use only DISTILLED WATER! This detail is probably more important than using phosphate-free coolant, but let's not tempt the devil—use phosphate-free coolant, too!

Mixture: The coolant to water ratio should be at least 50/50. A mix with more coolant than water may be required depending on ambient temperature. See label on coolant bottle to determine the correct mixture.

Question: Can I mix different brands of coolant? Answer: Yes, as long as all brands are phosphate-free.

And... voilá! The coolant mystery is solved. Glad we could help.


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