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Fuel Line Replacement Kit [Vanagon]
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Works with: 1983-91
Weight: 2.10 lbs
Price Range: $109.95 - $124.95
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This fuel line replacement kit is an absolute "must-have" for all Vanagon owners. We cannot stress enough just how important it is to replace your original fuel lines. We have seen too many burned up vehicles. Don't let this happen to you!

The kit provides everything you need to replace the feed and return fuel lines (NOT the plastic lines!) between the fuel tank and the engine and the lines between the fuel filter and pump. It also replaces the upper and lower fuel injector seals. What really sets this kit apart from the competition, though, are the superior crimp-style ear clamps. Regular "worm"-style clamps always have a flat spot, whereas these crimp-style clamps provide even pressure in a perfect circle, and they won't loosen up over time. We also use the more expensive smooth 7mm German hose, not the cloth-braided stuff—it is equivalent to the highly-touted "30R9" U.S. spec fuel line, and it is lined with a fluoroelastomer compound that significantly reduces the permeability of the hose, and it has a much higher resistance to today's aggressive fuel blends. Our kit also includes a double flange grommet that replaces the notoriously brittle plastic fuel fitting on the firewall—the one responsible for causing numerous engine fires. Simply put, this is a complete and thorough kit.

Fits 1983-1991 water-cooled Vanagons ONLY. Does NOT work with air-cooled or diesel.

Kit includes:
- Twelve (12) feet of German 7mm hose (or 15 feet for 4WD Syncro)
- One-half (½) meter of German 12mm hose (gas tank to fuel pump)
- Two (2) 7-12mm screw clamps (for fuel filter)
- Twenty-six (26) special crimp-style ear clamps (two large and 24 small)
- One (1) double flange grommet (to omit firewall plastic piece)
- Four (4) inner fuel injector seals
- Four (4) outer fuel injector seals 
Kit does NOT include instructions (except for brief instructions related to the double flange grommet).

We recommend installing the Fuel Tank Re-Seal Kit and the Hard Plastic Fuel Line Replacement Kit at the same time—you’ll be glad you did!

Please choose 2WD or 4WD in the drop-down menu below. 

SPECIAL TOOL REQUIREMENT: Installation requires a pair of pincer pliers for the ear clamps. Sold separately below.

Price: $109.95
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You'll use the provided grommet to replace this plastic part, which is prone to breaking and leaking. 

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