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Rebuilt Syncro Transaxle with Locking Differential
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Part #: MT-OH-SL
Works with: 1986-91
Our Price: $2299.95
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GoWesty transaxles are built right here at GoWesty. We cut no corners: All four synchro-rings are the latest OE moly-coated type, all six OEM quality bearings, all new gaskets, all new seals, rear locker assembly gone through to make sure it works, completely rebuilt "cross country " low-range section--and everything is set up properly with the correct tools. We have also updated the problematic original 3-4 synchro-hub to the later style that won't break (no more threat of sudden death syndrome), and beginning on February 15th, 2007, all our transaxles get a NEW 4th gear. That's right, the Vanagon transaxle is going the way of the Bus: They are all getting old enough where a new 4th gear is essential. There is simply no way to measure the engagement teeth on a gear to determine without any doubt that it will work properly, or for how long. It is a judgment call. Subsequently, the most common warranty issue is: "It pops out of 4th gear." No more! Every GoWesty transaxle gets a NEW 4th gear!

A genuine GoWesty rebuilt transaxle cost more than some of our competition, but they are better, plain and simple. Nobody else goes to the lengths we go to ensure it works properly out of the box the first time, no excuses. We guarantee it with our unmatched warranty which is over twice as long as the next best on the market, four times longer than most.

GoWesty transaxles are rebuilt, not new. New transaxles have not been available for many years. The price listed is exchange, and a core deposit will be added at time of purchase. There are many parts in your old transaxle that cannot be purchased new, and are very valuable. So we need yours in return. If you do not return it, you forfeit the entire core deposit.

$2500 CORE CHARGE: A core charge is a deposit until your old transaxle is returned and inspected. All or some of this deposit may be forfeited depending upon the condition of the core. To view our core check out sheet, click here.

$250 CRATE CORE CHARGE: Your GoWesty tranny will come in a very nice shipping crate. We MUST get this crate back from you; hence, the crate core charge. This deposit will be refunded when you return your tranny core in the crate.

SHIPPING: Initial shipping costs for this item are subject to change as the order is processed. Shipping cost include the price or returning the core to GoWesty. Please contact GoWesty to arrange return shipping of your core.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We put a lot of time and energy into packaging your GoWesty rebuilt transaxle. If you purchase a transmission from us—and then decide to cancel the order within 30 days—we will refund you in full, minus any transportation fees and a 5% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel your order after 30 days, our normal return policy applies (view by clicking here).

WARRANTY: Warranty coverage is 48 months/ 48,000 miles (whichever comes first) at no extra charge. Click here for details. Please note that the warranty on this item is VOID unless a decoupler is installed at the same time as the transaxle. Please click here and read why. GoWesty rebuilt transaxes DO NOT include the front drive shaft power-take-off section, which is where the decoupler fits, available separately. The one removed from your old transaxle needs to be transferred over if you decide not to install a decoupler (which is a mistake!).

CUSTOM GEARING: The transaxle described above is geared the same as the original transaxle. The final drive, and all individual gears are the same ratios as what came standard in all vehicles sold in the USA. Custom gearing is also available. If interested, email for a custom quote.


Price: $2299.95
Core Charges
+ $2500.00Syncro Transaxle with Locker Core Charge
+ $250.00Crate Core for Automatic/Syncro Tranny

Final Product Cost:
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