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Automatic Transaxle [Vanagon]
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Part #: GVW-AT-OH
Works with: 1980-91
Price Range: $1999.95 - $3855.95
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When it comes to rebuilding a transaxle, we leave no stone unturned. Our transaxles are a little more money than some of our competition, but there is no equal in quality, reliability, and warranty coverage. Only at GoWesty will you find the most thoroughly overhauled automatic transaxles. Fit note: This transaxle will fit water-cooled and air-cooled Vanagons (see air-cooled note, below).

This product includes:
• Rebuilt torque converter
• Fully rebuilt automatic AND differential section
• All new bearings, gaskets and seals
GoWesty External Oil Cooler Kit 

Product note: The oil pump inside all Vanagon automatic transaxles is not completely silent—and it is not the same in all transaxles, either. it is not uncommon for this mostly inaudible noise inside your transaxle to be amplified by the external cooler kit. The actual vibration inside the transaxle is not being increased, and it does not indicate any damage to your transaxle. In most cases, the noise will only be present when cold and at very low speeds, and it is virtually inaudible at driving speeds.

Air-cooled note: This transaxle will work in your air-cooled Vanagon, but please be aware that you will forfeit your $1000 core charge, because we cannot rebuild your air-cooled transaxle. 

New final drive option: If you have always felt like you were revving your engine a little too high—or that your automatic Vanagon was geared just a little too low—we can help. We are now offering you the option to lower your RPMs across the board by 9%. This is achieved by installing a TALLER RATIO European-only ring & pinion set with a 3.73:1 ratio (instead of the standard 4.09:1 R&P ratio all USA-delivery vehicles got). For example: If you are used to doing 70 mph at 4000 rpm, your new cruising RPM at the same speed (70 mph) would be 9% lower at 3640 rpm. Keep in mind that all three speeds will be affected, not just 3rd gear. These taller ring & pinion sets are extremely rare and highly sought after. They are no longer manufactured by VW, and we have a very limited supply of them in stock. This option is only available while supplies last. NOTE: This taller ratio 3.73 ring and pinion changes the relationship between vehicle speed and engine speed by 9%; it does not affect the relationship between vehicle speed and shift points. That relationship is controlled by the governor, which is the same in both transaxle options. All shift points will occur at the same vehicle speed, but at differnet engine speeds. The advantage of the taller ring and pinion is slower engine speeds while cruising down the highway (better fuel economy/less noise). The downside is slightly decreased acceleration and deceleration. 

FACTORY REBUILD OPTION—We just received a limited supply of the following VW factory-rebuilt transaxles available:

• Factory-rebuilt standard-ratio transaxle 
• Factory-rebuilt 3.73 ratio transaxle

IMPORTANT NOTE: These factory rebuilds must have the oil drained and changed prior to running to maintain the warranty. We recommend purchasing our AT Oil Bundle, available below.

SHIPPING & WARRANTY: Initial shipping costs for this item are subject to change as the order is processed. Shipping cost is "round-trip," meaning the cost to ship the tranny to you and to get your core back for tear-down. You WILL need to contact GoWesty when you are ready to return your tranny core. NOTE: Transmissions are delivered via truck freight and CANNOT BE DELIVERED TO RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES. If the delivery destination does not have a forklift, a lift-gate will be necessary ($160 extra). Warranty coverage is 48 months/ 48,000 miles (whichever comes first) at no extra charge. Click here for details. If you live in Canada, please click here for important broker information.

We put a lot of time and energy into packaging your GoWesty rebuilt transaxle. If you purchase a transmission from us—and then decide to cancel the order within 30 days—we will refund you in full, minus any transportation fees and a 5% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel your order after 30 days, our normal refund policy applies (view by clicking here).

$1000 Core Charge: A core charge is a deposit until your old part is returned and inspected. All or some of this deposit may be forfeited depending upon the condition of the core. You can view our core tear-down check-list here.

$250 Crate Core Charge: These automatic transaxles are shipped in special crates, and we charge a deposit of $250 until the crate is returned to us (in good condition). 

Price: $1999.95
Core Charges
+ $1000.00Vano Automatic Transaxle Core Charge
+ $250.00Core Charge: Automatic Tranny Crate

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