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Alternator Wiring Harness Upgrade Kit [Vanagon]
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Works with: 1983-91
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Our Price: $39.95
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Every water-cooled Vanagon on the planet will benefit from this upgrade kit—replace your old tattered harness and ease your worried mind. 

The Story:
The main cable in this harness goes from the starter to the alternator; in addition to being old and often corroded, it is often a bottleneck when it comes to charging your batteries (especially when an auxiliary battery is installed). This new harness upgrades the wimpy stock wire to a beefy six-gauge wire (sealed at the crimp to keep the wire corrosion-free), which will ensure that the alternator is able to efficiently and completely charge your batteries for many years to come.

The other two cables are equally important:

The blue wire is the alternator field wire. This wire is responsible for turning the BATTERY and OXS lights on the dash off when the engine is running. The proper function of this light is imperative. Not only does it serve to let you know your charging system is working correctly, but it also tells you if your water pump belt has broken (your water pump and alternator are on the same belt). So, if you ever see that light come on, pull over immediately!

The red wire is the power supply to the fuel injection system. Not much more needs to be said about its importance. The new harness provides a larger gauge cable with new ends for many years of reliable service.

Kit does not include installation instructions. You'll want to have your handy Bentley repair manual by your side.

Fits all 1983-91 water-cooled Vanagons (2WD and 4WD).


Price: $39.95
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