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GoWesty Thermostat Housing Kit [Vanagon]
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Works with: 1986-91
Weight: 4.00 lbs
Our Price: $229.95
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Made in the USA

GoWesty is proud to introduce a new and improved thermostat housing kit!

We engineered this product in-house, and we are very pleased with the final result. We used our expertise in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics to ensure that our thermostat housing unit works perfectly—and won't introduce any "mysterious" problems that might occur if strict attention to detail were not applied.

The process was definitely trickier than one might expect. The original thermostat housing was made of injection-molded plastic (on 4WD Vanagons, it was crafted of cast aluminum). Because we used an entirely different manufacturing process, we had to make design decisions based on how coolant flows and behaves at varying temperatures. Essentially, we determined which features of the molded plastic part and the cast aluminum OEM part were, in fact, important—and where we could make improvements.

The most important improvement? Our kit eliminates the need for two soon-to-be-obsolete VW hoses (025-121-058E and 025-121-058B). For some unknown reason, these original VW formed hoses utilized two connecting ends of varying diameters. Our removable fore/aft nipples eliminate the need for these specialty formed hoses, replacing them with consistent-diameter hose (included).

UPDATE: As of May 2011, all of our thermostat kits now include the GoWesty temperature gauge calibrator. We developed this device after experiencing temp gauge anomalies on some in-house installations. Theoretically, any temp gauge in a water-cooled Vanagon should read the same with any of the three types of senders VW used. However, we all know these are pretty old vehicles. In practice, we've occasionally found slight differences in coolant temp gauge readings after installing our thermostat housing kit. This is due not only to a difference in the included sensor, but also a lower electrical resistance in the whole circuit due to a nice, new all-metal thermostat housing (and the subsequent elimination of the old, corroded wire). Instructions are included to calibrate the temperature gauge (if necessary). 

We're always striving to improve upon the Vanagon's systems, and we feel confident that this product does just that. We think you'll agree!

Kit includes: GoWesty-designed annodized billet aluminum thermostat housing, hoses to replace soon-to-be-obsolete formed hoses, sending units, connectors, fasteners, and Loctite thread locker. Also includes GoWesty temperature gauge calibration kit (see info above).

Installation instructions NOT included. We recommend that this product be installed by a professional shop that is familiar with the Vanagon cooling system. Properly bleeding the system is of utmost importance.

NOTE: This kit does NOT include the thermostat cover (often referred to as the "upper thermostat housing"). That part is still available new—although it rarely needs to be replaced.

FIT NOTE: This product fits all  1986-91 watercooled Vanagons EXCEPT DIESEL. If you have updated an early-model Vanagon to the 2.1 cooling system, this kit will also work.

SPECIAL TOOL REQUIREMENT: Installation requires a pair of pincer pliers for the ear clamps. Sold separately below.

Price: $229.95

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This kit replaces two soon-to-be-obsolete VW formed hoses with high quality bulk hose. Now that's smart! 

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