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If you're looking for some nostalgic VW camper novelties, you've come to the right place. This section is also the perfect spot to find a gift for the VW aficionado in your life—you'll find all sorts of VW-inspired items, and we're constantly adding more... so check back often!


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VW Garage Service Sign
"VW Garage Service" Sign (ZCP-901-768) Vintage-style tin sign straight from Germany. Our Price: $19.95
VW Garage Service Tin Box
"VW Garage Service" Tin Box (ZCP-901-778) It's not just decorative... you can store things in here! Our Price: $9.95
VW Campervan Pencil Set
VW Campervan Pencil Set (ZCP-902-600) These pencils are officially licensed by VW! Our Price: $4.95
Volkswagen Sketchbook
Volkswagen Sketchbook (000-087-216P) A vintage-style sketchbook for your thoughts. Our Price: $10.95
Magnet Set: Beetle, Bus, & Golf
Magnet Set: Beetle, Bus, & Golf (ZCP-901-779) A collection for the ages. Our Price: $9.95
Bus & Beetle Model Car Set
Bus & Beetle Model Car Set (111-099-305J) Time for a drive to Tiny Town. Our Price: $7.95
Not All Who Wander Are Lost Handcrafted Keychain
"Not All Who Wander Are Lost" Handcrafted Keychain (WANDER-KEYCHAIN) You know this to be true. Our Price: $19.95
The Original Ride Sign
"The Original Ride" Sign (901625) Nostalgic metal sign straight outta Germany. Sorry, we're temporarily sold out. Our Price: $10.95
Magnet Set: Bus & Beetle Beach Scene
Magnet Set: Bus & Beetle Beach Scene (902513) Stick 'em anywhere you can use some magnetic nostalgia! Our Price: $7.95
Der Volkswagen Sign
"Der Volkswagen" Sign (901624) Pure VW love. Straight from Germany. Our Price: $6.95
Let's Get Lost VW Sign
"Let's Get Lost" VW Sign (904102) Another classic metal sign that captures the heart of the matter. Our Price: $14.95
Bulli VW Sign
"Bulli" VW Sign (901626) A classic metal sign straight from the motherland. Our Price: $14.95
Bulli Pickup Model Car
Bulli Pickup Model Car (901246) A genuine German Bulli model to adorn your workbench, bookshelf, or coffee table! Our Price: $34.95
Bulli Magnet
Bulli Magnet (251-087-703B) Watch this Bulli magnet stick to metal... like magic! Our Price: $2.95
4-Piece Coaster Set
4-Piece Coaster Set (WP-COASTER) These awesome coasters are crafted from recycled rubber tires! Our Price: $4.95
GoWesty Bottle Opener
GoWesty Bottle Opener (GW-BOTTLE-OPENER) Because every good wrench deserves a bottle opener... or is it the other way around? Our Price: $8.95
Genuine VW Keychain Woman
Genuine VW Keychain Woman (VW-WOMAN) The little gal that hangs from your keys. Our Price: $5.95
Westfalia Republic Flag (Large)
Westfalia Republic Flag (Large) (WR-FLAG-LG) Fly this (large) flag loud and proud! Our Price: $29.95
Bus Storage Caddy
Bus Storage Caddy (902548) One of the coolest things to hit your desk since that walnut staple remover. Our Price: $25.95
Double Cab Bus Storage Caddy
Double Cab Bus Storage Caddy (902547) It won't sharpen your pencils, because it's way too cool for that. Our Price: $25.95
VW Parking Only Keychain
"VW Parking Only" Keychain (902512) This keychain automatically rejects Honda keys. Our Price: $4.95
Magnetic Storage Dish
Magnetic Storage Dish (902233) It's not magical... it's magnetic! Our Price: $22.95
Mug (VW Classic Logo)
Mug (VW Classic Logo) (902234) Fly your VW flag with this sweet authentic mug. Our Price: $9.95
Vanagon Front Grille Keychain
Vanagon Front Grille Keychain (GRILLE-KEYCHAIN) Give your keys the style they deserve! Our Price: $4.95
GoWesty Grocery Tote (Large)
GoWesty Grocery Tote (Large) (WP-TOTE-USA) Don't forget your bag... especially when it's as cool as this one! Our Price: $3.95
Genuine VW Keychain Man
Genuine VW Keychain Man (VW-MAN) The little guy that hangs from your keys. Our Price: $5.95
GoWesty Keychain
GoWesty Keychain (WP-GW-KEYCHAIN) Represent the Westy Life! Our Price: $3.49
Gone Surfing Picture Frame
"Gone Surfing" Picture Frame (87-879) An iconic picture frame for your photographic memories. Our Price: $7.95
V-Dub Playing Cards
V-Dub Playing Cards (DECK-O-CARDS) Play your favorite game while feasting your eyes on VW campers from around the globe! Our Price: $9.95
Authentic Chrome VW Keychain
Authentic Chrome VW Keychain (7908) Your VW keys deserve an authentic VW key chain. Our Price: $5.95
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