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Stuff we all get! Show your support for GoWesty and your interest in the Westy lifestyle all at the same time with our growing line of branded merchandise!

Good people. Good parts. Good times!

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GoWesty Dry Bag (10L)
GoWesty Dry Bag (10L) (GW-DRYBAG) Keep your gear safe and dry with this custom-crafted dry bag. Our Price: $19.95
Beverage Gift Bundle
Beverage Gift Bundle (GW-GIFT-BEV) This beverage-oriented bundle is perfect for whatever ales you. Our Price: $17.95
Diner Gift Bundle
Diner Gift Bundle (GW-GIFT-DINER) Grab a piece of diner chic with this gift bundle. Our Price: $22.95
Swag Gift Bundle
Swag Gift Bundle (GW-GIFT-WLIFE) The perfect stocking stuffer for the Westylife aficionado! Our Price: $14.95
4-Piece Coaster Set
4-Piece Coaster Set (WP-COASTER) These awesome coasters are crafted from recycled rubber tires! Our Price: $4.95
Westfalia T-Shirt
"Westfalia" T-Shirt (WW-133) You are part of the Westfalia Republic. Wear it loud and proud, folks. Our Price: $14.95
GoWesty Bottle Opener
GoWesty Bottle Opener (GW-BOTTLE-OPENER) Because every good wrench deserves a bottle opener... or is it the other way around? Our Price: $8.95
Van Westy T-Shirt (Women's)
"Van Westy" T-Shirt (Women's) (WW-131W) Add a sweet "Von Dutch"-style ladies tee to your closet! We call it our "Van Westy" tee! Our Price: $14.95
Van Westy T-Shirt (Men's)
"Van Westy" T-Shirt (Men's) (WW-131) A "Von Dutch"-style tee for your wardrobe. We call it our "Van Westy" tee! Our Price: $14.95
Westfalia Republic Flag (Large)
Westfalia Republic Flag (Large) (WR-FLAG-LG) Fly this (large) flag loud and proud! Our Price: $29.95
Tree Ring Ladies T-Shirt
"Tree Ring" Ladies T-Shirt (WW-130W) Good things age gracefully. This ladies tee captures that sentiment perfectly. Our Price: $16.95
Earplugs w/Case
Earplugs w/Case *OCTOBER SPECIAL* (WP-EARPLUGS) Having a nice set of earplugs is essential camping equipment! Our Price: $1.95 Sale Price: $1.45
Tree Ring Travel Mug
"Tree Ring" Travel Mug (WP-MUG-TR) An awesome porcelain travel mug featuring our beautiful "Tree Ring" artwork. Our Price: $9.95
Van Lineup T-Shirt
"Van Lineup" T-Shirt (WW-129) This classic GoWesty tee is back by popular demand... and better than ever! Our Price: $12.95
Tree Ring Men's T-Shirt
"Tree Ring" Men's T-Shirt (WW-130) Good things age gracefully. This men's tee captures that sentiment perfectly. Our Price: $16.95
GoWesty Edition Sticker
"GoWesty Edition" Sticker (GOWESTY-EDITION) This high-quality sticker pays homage to the legendary Wolfsburg badge! Our Price: $0.49
Skull Cap Beanie
Skull Cap Beanie (WW-BEANIE-02) These beanies are uber-comfortable and oh-so-warm. Our Price: $13.95
Cable Knit Beanie w/Pom
Cable Knit Beanie w/Pom (WW-BEANIE-01) A timeless cable-knit beanie for the ladies. Our Price: $15.95
Westylife T-Shirt
Westylife T-Shirt (WW-128) A little slice of the Westylife... Price Range: $14.95 - $16.95
GoWesty Logo Sticker
GoWesty Logo Sticker (GOWESTY-LOGO) Show your GoWesty pride with a free sticker! Our Price: $0.00
Camper Love Ladies Tee
"Camper Love" Ladies Tee (WW-127) Spread a little love with this sweet ladies T-shirt! Our Price: $12.95
Westafari Luggage Rack Sticker
"Westafari" Luggage Rack Sticker (WESTAFARI-HORSE) A Westfalia-inspired roots sticker for your luggage rack... or anywhere else! Works with vehicle years: 1968 - 1991, 1993 - 2002 Our Price: $1.95
Westafari Westfalia-Style Sticker
"Westafari" Westfalia-Style Sticker (WESTAFARI) Roots, reggae, and pop-tops. Works with vehicle years: 1968 - 1991, 1993 - 2003 Our Price: $2.95
GoWesty Grocery Tote (Large)
GoWesty Grocery Tote (Large) (WP-TOTE-USA) Don't forget your bag... especially when it's as cool as this one! Our Price: $3.95
Westy Life Baseball Tee
Westy Life Baseball Tee (WW-126) Represent the Westylife with this classic baseball tee. Our Price: $19.95
GoWesty Rugged T-Shirt
GoWesty "Rugged" T-Shirt (WW-125) A new spin on our classic logo. Our Price: $9.95
Camper Love Mandala Organic Women's Tee
Camper Love Mandala Organic Women's Tee (WW-123) Get in touch with the universe in this sweet mandala T-shirt! Our Price: $14.95
GoWesty Keychain
GoWesty Keychain (WP-GW-KEYCHAIN) Represent the Westy Life! Our Price: $3.49
GoWesty Diner Mug (9 oz.)
GoWesty Diner Mug (9 oz.) (GVW-MUG4) A classic diner-style mug for your beverage of choice. Our Price: $7.95
Westafari T-Shirt
Westafari T-Shirt (WW-420) Movement of Jah people. Price Range: $9.95 - $12.95
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