Meet the Crew


Sales Associate

Start of Employment: 2016-08-15

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: Stalking, harassing, begging

Daily Driver: VW Tiguan

About My Van: I used to have a ’85… died

Dream Volkswagen: VW Campmobile from the 70’s

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, road trippin’

Hometown: Mendocino, CA

Favorite Town/City: Bangkok, Thailand

Favorite Camp Spot: Renegade camping (free) in Big Sur

Favorite Food: Thai

Maté or Coffee?: COFFEE!!!!!!!!

Favorite Movie(s): Tracks, Wild, Life Aquatic

Favorite Bands/Musicians: Gregory Alan Isakov, Bob Marley, John Butler Trio

Concert/Festival History: Too many to count, but I am in-love with Live Oak in SB

Quote: “Close your eyes, fall in-love, stay there” ~ Rumi

One Word: “Love”

Theme Song: Pursuit of Happiness - Lissie

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