Meet the Crew


Warehouse Shipper

Start of Employment: 2014-04-07

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: My friend told me there was an opening

Daily Driver: 2000 Toyota Camry

About My Van:

Dream Volkswagen: Syncro

Hobbies: video games, hiking, mountain biking, hunting

Hometown: Gilroy, CA

Favorite Town/City: Solvang, CA

Favorite Camp Spot: Montaña de Oro

Favorite Food: Burgers, tri-tip

Maté or Coffee?: I don't drink coffee or tea

Favorite Movie(s): Semi-Pro

Favorite Bands/Musicians: Wintersun, Powerwolf, Dethklok, AleStorm, Sabaton, Gloryhammer, Austrian Death Machine

Concert/Festival History: Flogging Molly, Tiger Army

Quote: Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!

One Word: Beast

Theme Song: Warriors of the North - Amon Amarth

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