Meet the Crew


Clients Concierge

Start of Employment: 1969-12-31

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: Met the guys working at the local pub, they thought I might fit in at GoWesty. They were right!!

Daily Driver: Cherry red Centurion Roadster.

About My Van:

Dream Volkswagen: 1973 Volkswagen Thing

Hobbies: I like to widdle, and I collect those little commemorative spoons with the decorative tops.

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Favorite Town/City:

Favorite Camp Spot: Most places in Big Sur.

Favorite Food:

Maté or Coffee?: Both are great, just depends on the day!

Favorite Movie(s):

Favorite Bands/Musicians:

Concert/Festival History:

Quote: "Attention everbody!! The beer has gone bad."

One Word: Strategery.

Theme Song: It's Tricky- Run DMC

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