Item Location: Sacramento, California

Posted by: Janet Schultz
Last Modified: 02/09/2018

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Camping is upon us- time to start thinking about the adventure you have always dreamed of. This van is ready to get on the road. Thanks for looking and feel free to email for additional pictures and questions.

I have done all the hard work for you! Now you can do all the fun work! I have listed below all work done since owning vehicle from 2011. I will tell you that I have put 18K into this van and I have all the receipts for it. I worked from the inside out but I have decided that I will pass the torch and allow someone make it their own by painting and adding some amazing accessories.

What I know- When I purchased this car in 2011, there had been an accident on the front left bumper and front grill. I have not done anything with it. There is a bra on the front which covers up most of the damage and I was fine with that. For me it didn't make a difference so I had done nothing with it. To be honest, I was fixing so much other stuff that I never got to fixing the front:(

This van is virtually RUST FREE. The only rust is where the damage happened on the front bumper before I owned it. Perfect vehicle to put a pop top on and get on the road. I have the pink slip, it is currently registered while always passing smog.

The van purrs like a kitten. No leaks- Handles are on:)- Doors open smoothly- everything on the cluster works-Bluetooth Stereo pumps great sound-all windows work great with no cracks-all seat belts accounted for-folds down into a queen bed-back 3 windows have been professionally tinted. Original seats with no seat tears.

Important Stuff First-

Rebuilt Engine - 2/12/2016 - Approximately 11,000 miles on current engine.
Current Mileage - 239,704

Rebuilt Transmission - 2011 - Manual Transmission - 4 cylinders


Go Westy Front and Rear Bumpers- I have updated the first couple of pics to show the bumpers. Some of the pictures are still showing the old bumpers.

(4) JVC Speakers- 2 on the front doors and 2 on the top back.
JVC Bluetooth Stereo with detachable face
Air Conditioning- at this time it looks like the front fan that cools the AC is missing. It might have been taken out when the front end was damaged. My mechanic believes once that is replaced, it will work. The fan turns on etc.
Bra Included
Homemade Curtains for all windows included
Back Bug Net
Trailer Hitch
Original Hub Cabs
(2) New Tires on Front
New Front Brakes
Both Front Seats Swivel to sit backwards

What I Know That Could Use Help

(2) Back Tires
Front End Damage and Left Back End Damage Fixed
Paint Job
Odd and Ends

2018 Maintenance and Repair

Current Registration Paid for 2018
Oil Change
Coolant Reservoir Replaced

2017 Repairs

Replaced all Power Steering Hose Clamps
Replaced Power Steering Reservoir
(2) New Front Tires
Oil Changes

2016 Repairs

Crank Pulley Seal
Alternator Drive Belt
Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Oil Changes
Passed Smog Test
Replaced Both Oil Pressure Sending Units
Replace Oil Pump
Resealed Fuel Tank
Replaced Starter Assembly
Replaced Radiator-Heater Control Valve - Radiator Fan Resister
Replaced Water Temp Sensor 0-ring and C Clip Retainer

2015 Repairs

Replaced Oil Pump
Replace Push Rod and Seals
Oil Changes
Passed Smog Check

2014 Repairs

Replaced Power Steering Hose
Replaced Rear Wheel Bearing - Inner and Outer - Hub and Spindle
Replaced SNUB Axle- Wheel Hub
3-Back Windows - Professionally Tinted
Replaced Catalytic Converter - Go West Stainless Steel

2013 Repairs

Front and Rear Heater Fan Switch
Coolant Hose Kit
Power Steering Pump
Thermostat Housing Kit
Clutch Disc
Pilot Bearing
Pressure Plate
Release Bearing
Oil Pressure Sender
Ignition Distributor
Engine Mount
Air Filter-Fuel Filter-Fuel Injector Seal
(3) Drive Belts
Ignition Wire Set
Spark Plug Set
Oil Changes
Replaced Coolant Expansion Tank - Coolant Level Sensor - Manifold Assembly/Right Firewall/Clamps
Replaced ALL Fuel Hoses
Replaced Drive Belt

2012 Repairs

Replaced Transmission - Mileage at time of Replace - 217411 - Total Miles on Transmission = 19,140
Installed Trailer Hitch
Replaced Ignition Cable set
Replaced Spark Plugs
Replaced Cap and Rotor
Both Front and Back Brakes Replaced Reverse Light Switch
Headlamp Adjuster Kit
Replaced Both Rear Wheel Cylinders
Replaced Rear Drums/Shoes
Replaced Wheel Cylinder For Right rear
Installed JVC Bluetooth Radio

2011 Repairs

Replaced Upper Ball Joints
Replaced Power Steering Switch/Pump
Replaced Oil Drain Plug Washer
Installed Locking Gas Cap
Replaced Front Left Antenna and Mount
Replaced all Dome Lights

This car is ready for your next adventure. I know the price seems a little high but please realize all of the money invested that you won't have to do. Questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.

If you purchase out of state and need freight, I will try to work it out with you.