2000 EVC. Original Owner. 124K miles. $34,000.

Item Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Posted by: Eric Cadora
Last Modified: 10/20/2017

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Selling my beloved ECV. I drove her off the lot of Volkswagen Santa Monica when she had 40 miles on the odo and have personally maintained and cared for her since that very day. (For tax purposes, original title was in ex-wife's business name until 2010 when we split. She will personally verify this information).

-BRAND NEW pop top roof ($5000 after shipping and paint!) A cursory search will show these roofs are extremely problematic, with avery high failure rate. Had mine for 14 years when it developed a crack, which I had professionally welded using ASA plastic rods, but the roof continued to warp and the weld failed after only 2 seasons. Vigilantly attempted to find a non-cracked/non-warped one for more than 3 years but they simply aren't available. Count on more if you're not removing old rood, transporting to and from paint shop and installing it yourself. Believe me, you do not want to deal with this s@#t show. If you are looking at other EVC's, I strongly advise you to give a thorough inspection of the pop tops.
-Replaced luggage rack, luggage rack seal, mounting brackets and hardware (GoWesty stainless steel) 3 years ago
-Run exclusively on full synthetic oil for over 10 years.
-Run exclusively on premium fuel since day 1.
-Fridge works PERFECTLY in all modes. I replaced the burner box and thermocouple a few years ago and she runs VERY cold in LP mode. Even when I have forgotten to switch to DC mode when traveling on the freeway, the fridge does not blow out!
-Brand new brakes and rotors.
-Brand new cab and aux batteries.
-Less than 800 miles on brand new AC system and compressor
-Less than 800 miles on new timing belt
-GoWesty lift kit with Bilstein shocks and OEM VW alloy 16" wheels.
-Michelin Defender tires with decent tread
-GoWesty 2" mattress topper
-GoWesty rubber mats for front cab and passenger area.
-GoWesty lock extension for rear hatch
-Over-sink fluorescent light upgraded to LED
-Extended the rear spray nozzle hose to 6' so I could stand up completely when showering or hosing off after surfing session.
-1 1/4" trailer hitch receiver, which I have only used only for bike rake.
-Ultratect cover (8" rip on one side which has been repaired just fine with Gorilla Tape)
-Marine grade windshield and front cab cover
-All cabinet latches work perfectly
-New vents for grey water overflow and aux battery compartment
-Both refrigerator vent covers and insert discs replaced within last year
-All curtains original and in perfect working order.
-All seat and upper bunk upholstery original with no rips (rear seat has one stubborn stain that I haven't been able to remove, although you have to look pretty hard to see it)
-All original papers and manuals, drain hose, shore power cord and even the introductory VHS tape!
-Eurovan Camper Service Training Manual
-Tranny replaced at 73K. Also replaced, under full warranty, at 20K apparently due to some eejit not filling up the fluid to the required level before it was sent out to the dealership. Present tranny runs very smooth with no signs of wear or slippage whatsoever.
-Replaced water pump 3 years ago.
-Have cleaned and serviced furnace 3 times since new and it continues to run as hot as the day I bought it (I have taken her on trips in the dead of winter when the temps were WELL below freezing and have been super comfortable and warm.
-Both original key fobs in perfect working order.
-Tent still in good condition, with no tears whatsoever, although there are some slight staining issues on the front portion. I removed the tent 5 years ago so I could have the screens professionally replaced, but recently noticed that a few small areas on front screen have opened up.
-Sidewinder II awning that I personally installed within 6 months of vehicle purchase still works very well after 17 years. Left it open once while mountain biking when a large windstorm blew in, which tore the awning for 6 inches at the casing anchor point, which I had professional re-sewn and reinforced. One of the casing hatch latches broke but it can be easily pushed up to open with a key or a stick or beer can or virtually anything firm.
-Overall, paint in very good condition with a few very small paint chips on hood and rear hatch. No clear coat fading whatsoever.
-The TINIEST bit of rust can be seen upon close inspection just above the windshield on the passenger side, and on the rear side of the front passenger wheel well.
-Body in very good condition with one very small ding (no paint chip) above gas tank lid
-240W solar panel and charge controller included. I use this mainly in the winter so I don't need to disconnect aux battery and for camping adventures where I don't start the car for extended periods of time.
-Added marine hatch/door for easier access to aux battery compartment/storage area in rear of vehicle
-Please contact with any questions
-MANY more pictures available upon request.